Eugene Du Plessis

"I have found, that the inspiration for my art and designs, have oddly not come from  volumes of art books, nor from the countless studies  of magnificent artistic geniuses throughout history - but rather from my own life experiences, my many adventures, my loving family, my love for nature; and the respect I have found for our world, her cultures and all the living creatures who share it with us.  These are my truest teachers, and the unsung masters of my work."
- Eugene Du Plessis
-Eugene Du Plessis
I  was born and raised on a large farm in the northern plains of South Africa. For as long as I can remember, I had been fascinated by the arts - all forms of it interested me. From drawing cartoons as a toddler, to sketching, painting, music, acting, architecture, and engineering. My family always encouraged me to explore and act upon any creative whim or dream, no matter how big or small. They themselves were "great adventurers" to a boy such as myself.

At the young age of eight, along with my family, I left South Africa on a sailboat. We sailed from Cape Town, across the Atlantic Ocean, and up through the entire Caribbean. Throughout this time, I discovered a new found love for travel. In the coming years I had the privilege to explored the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Central America, Europe, Australia, and the United States. Along the way, I continued to draw, and sketch, and paint; absorbing new ideas and inspirations from all the exotic nature, people, places, and cultures around me.

Eventually,  we settled in Australia, where I now had more time to focus on my art. At this point I had dabbled in a variety of art forms and styles. From stage make-up with Hollywood style latex masks, to "Manga" persona sketches. From chalk portraits, to constructing model airplanes. Digital media short films, to building fuel efficient car prototypes - nothing went unexplored. One morning I found myself staring at an old family art piece newly hung after years of storage. It was created using a technique called "pyrography" to burn images into wood. I was instantly fascinated by it, and already the inspiration for my subjects were manifesting in my mind.

Having been brought  up with nature all around me, I have had so many opportunities to see and learn about Africa's wildlife up close and personal.  In addition, my parents had raised us all as vegetarians. They instilled within us, a great appreciation for nature and animals; and an even greater respect for their conservation. It was, seemingly, a "perfect fit" for me to begin with the same amazing animals which had been such a big part of my life as a boy.
Today, I have dedicated an entire series, "The African Art Series by Eugene Du Plessis" in honor of these animals; and to aid in their protection and other wild animals like them around the world  -by donating a percentage of my arts proceeds to animal rights groups and animal wildlife foundations. Along with my amazing family, these animals are a big part of who I am today as an artist, and as a person; and I am honored to be able to share that with you.
By Eugene Du Plessis