By Eugene Du Plessis
"I hope you will enjoy these lovely animals, and may they bring as much joy to you, admiring them - as they did for me when I created them."
Welcome to my African Art website. This site showcases  wood art pieces which feature a variety of exotic African animals. Every one of my "subjects" were captured on wood canvas and inspired from  memories of my childhood in South Africa. Using a special technique known as pyrography - I use a variety of hot soldering pen tips to burn lines into the raw wood panels to create this effect.
I was drawn to pyrography as it is an unforgiving medium which embeds my initial impulses and inspirations. My African Art series was largely inspired from seeing these animals in the African wild as a young boy; They are all carefully hand crafted  to capture each individual subjects character and personality,  just as I remembered them in their natural habitats.

In addition, this African Art series was especially created to express my admiration and respect for these amazing animals; and more importantly to raise awareness of the imminent threat of extinction, which so many of them face. Sales in this series will help benefit some wonderful causes and animal rights organizations which I strongly support.
I donate a percentage of the proceeds of all sales in my African Art Series to various animal rights organizations in order to continue showing  my support for their incredible work.